Holy Family Catholic
Multi-Academy Company


We are delighted to inform you that Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy and Holy Family Catholic Multi-Academy have agreed to join to create a larger company.  

This merger is in line with the wider Archdiocese Academy Strategy. We continue to be supported by the Diocesan Education Service in this and are working closely with them to form the new company within the next six months.

The formation of a larger Multi Academy Company will build on the strong links already forged across the existing multi-academy companies.

The merger offers an exciting future for all involved, enabling further development of educational excellence firmly rooted within our Catholic ethos, through committed staff, for the benefit of our children, young people, and the wider community. We look forward to this new, shared future with great enthusiasm, and with determination to secure the future of Catholic Education for the benefit of all our pupils.

Please visit the website for more information.


As part of the ongoing consultation process, approval is granted by the Headteacher Board.  The next meeting is on the 20th May and a link to the agenda can be found here:


As a stakeholder of the Holy Family Catholic Multi-Academy you can send any feedback/comments to the following email address.

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