Holy Family Catholic
Multi-Academy Company

Policies & Statements

We are in the process of merging with The Holy Family Multi-Academy Company to form a new company Our Lady of the Magnificat Multi-Academy Company.  Any policies due to be reviewed have been given an automatic extension to the end of 2021, when all new policies will be formed under the new Company.

All Policy documents are in PDF format and can be opened in a browser or downloaded and opened in Acrobat Reader.

HFCMAC Policies

    -Risk Assessment – COVID 19 Testing in Secondary School

    -MAC Complaints Policy and Procedure

    -MAC Data Protection Policy

    -MAC Health and Safety Policy

    -MAC Information Security Policy

    -MAC Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblowing) Policy

    -Modern Slavery Statement

HR Policies

    -Appraisal Policy - Teachers

    -Capability Policy and Procedure 

    -Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

    -Grievance Policy and Procedure

    -Leave of Absence Policy

    -Pay Policy - 2018

    -Safer Recruitment Policy

    -Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure

    -Staff Code of Conduct Policy

Finance Policies

   -Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy

    -Depreciation and Fixed Assets Policy

    -Financial Regulations Policy

    -Financial Reserves Policy

    -Gifts and Hospitality Policy

    -Investments Policy

    -Tendering Policy

    -Travel Policy

GDPR Privacy Notices

    -GDPR Privacy Notice - Directors and Governors

    -GDPR Privacy Notice - Our Lady's

    -GDPR Privacy Notice - St. Benedict's

    -GDRP Privacy Notice - St. Gregory's

    -GDPR Privacy Notice - St. Mary's - Broadway

    -GDPR Privacy Notice - St. Mary's - Evesham

    -GDPR Privacy Notice - St. Mary's - Henley-in-Arden